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About Us

The Living Lab is the brainchild of five IIIT-H professors — Professor Ramesh Loganathan, Practice, Co-innovations; Professor Vishal Garg, who presently heads Smart Buildings Centre; Professor Sachin Chaudhari, Signals Processing and Communications Centre; Professor Aftab Hussain, VLSI & Embedded-Systems Centre and Prakash Yalla, the Technology Transfer Officer of IIIT-H.

The objective is to convert IIITH campus into a living lab on the lines of the Amsterdam Arena in the Netherlands which is already a living lab. The IIITH campus would include different IoT verticals related to air pollution, building energy, water quantity and quality, street lighting, etc. There are three main objectives of this living lab:

  • get expertise in IoT for Smart Cities related research and deployment
  • generate data for research and
  • provide a test bench for IoT based Smart City implementations to start-ups as well as big companies.

Through the Living Lab, IIIT-H plans to transform the campus into a platform for learning, experimentation and for showcasing new ideas and approaches. “As technology goes mainstream and directly into homes, buildings, campuses and cities, it is imperative that access to such spaces should be available to ensure that the right products are defined, designed and built. Without live access to such spaces, solutions or products may end up being theoretical and not actually usable,” explains Professor Ramesh.

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Living Lab

“With support from EU and Indian agencies, IIITH launched a Living Lab to collaborate with government bodies, start-ups and big organisations on Smart City solutions”



Pollution Model

Air Quality monitor to measure different pollutants present in the atmosphere

Water Model

Measure pH, Turbodity, TBS, water level and water flow are measured

Weather Model

Temperature, humidity, intensity of sun and wind condition are measured

Energy Model

Monitor to view the power consumption, peak demand and other important aspects of the energy cosumption in the institute

Crowd & Gate Monitoring Model

Monitor and measure the following crowd related parameters :Camera Id, Geo location, Current people count, No. Of safe distance violations, No.Of mask violations, Url to live stream, etc.

Smart Room Model

Details and condition like concentration of Carbon Dioxide, Oxyegen, etc., of the room are displayed on a dashboard.


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Ramesh Loganathan

Professor of Practice & Co-innovations

Interest: Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Innovation Leadership

Dr. Vishal Garg

Professor, Ph.D (IIT, Delhi)

Interest: Intelligent Building, IT in Building Science, Fuzzy Logic Based Protocol for WSN

Dr. Sachin Chaudhari

Assist. Professor, Ph.D (Alto University, Finland)

Internet of Things (IoT), Next Generation Wireless Communication, Cognitive Radio

Prakash Yalla

Head- Technology Transfer, Products Lab

Interest: Enabling Market Relevant Products from Research Lab Output

Dr. Aftab Hussain

Assistant Professor, Ph.D (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)

Interest: Flexible & Stretchable Electronics, IoT, Smart City Research, LoRaWAN Devices

Anuradha Vattem

Project Manager

Interest: Smart City Research, Necessitatibus eius consequatur ex jgfj

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What initiatives has the IIIT launched to address the IOT market?

    We have focused our efforts in three areas: institution building, projects, and the student curriculum.

  • Leveraging the core and domain strengths of IIITH, the living lab focuses on Smart City issues. Our efforts are aided by our international collaborations such as EBTC, PWC, LAAS and Bordeaux, which have a strong Smart City component to them.

  • A related plan we have is to setup Smart Campus extensions in other engineering institutions in the city, where we will have mini smart campus setup in their premises and work closely with us on projects. Basically, we aim to expand our scope and resources’ reach in a structured way.

Contact Us


IIIT Hyderabad Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500 032
Telangana, INDIA

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