Research Centers

List of research centers at IIIT-H involved in smart city research.

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE)

A tech incubator with a decade of rich experience in fostering deep-tech communities that create and scale technologies like med tech, tech4social, visual informatics, data engineering, machine learning, language technologies, gaming and robotics.

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Signal processing and Communication Research Center (SPCRC)

Involved in theoretical and applied research in the areas of wireless communication, signal processing, coding for information-flow networks, and internet of things (IoT).

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Centre for IT in Building Science (CBS)

The research centre works towards design of smart and automated buildings. It includes study of building physics and systems design concepts. It promotes the construction of durable, healthier, and more sustainable buildings.

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Center for VLSI and Embedded Systems Technologies (CVEST)

Focuses on areas like optics and photonics, flexible electronics, embedded systems and IoT, analog and mixed signal design, radio frequency integrated circuit design and low-power VLSI design.

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Computer Systems Group (CSG)

Undertakes research and development in all fundamental aspects of computing systems spanning across hardware and software. Scholars work in the fields of computer architecture, compilers, computer networks, operating systems and other related topics.

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Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

TTO manages the transfer process of Intellectual Property produced in IIIT-H to appropriate bodies including industry, entrepreneurs, etc. and makes attempts to commercialize the IP. It provides a platform where IP meets potential users and financiers.

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